Webinar Archive

2021-12-14BARE HR For Ultra-fast Laser Hair RemovalBARE HRKathy Taranto
2021-11-30How mJoule & Joule X Maximize Our Patient Outcomes and BusinessmJOULE, Joule XA. Jay Burns, MD
2021-11-03HALO: Tips For The Advanced UserHALORebecca Gelber, MD
Chris Robb, MD
Thomas Griffin, JR. MD
2021-10-14ClearV®: Vessels and BeyondClearVSherrif Ibrahim, MD, PhD
2021-09-08Introducing BAREit: Technology That Reinvents Hair RemovalBARE HRDoug Carrow
2021-08-26The Key to Perfect Skin: Combination Treatments with HALO & BBL HEROHALO, BBL HEROSherrif Ibrahim, MD, PhD
2021-08-26The mJOULE: Now In CanadamJOULE, BBL HERO, MOXIJason Pozner, MD
Antonio Campo, MD
Geeta Shah, MD
2021-07-28Focus on What Matters: Customizing Treatment Options with Dr. Joel CohenResurfacingJoel Cohen, MD
2021-06-02mJoule Solutions That Fit! Versatile Treatments, Budget Conscious and Happy PatientsmJOULE, BBL HERO, MOXIJason Pozner, MD
Antonio Campo, MD
Geeta Shah, MD
2021-05-05ClearSilk: The Most Versatile Tool in Your Toolbox - Part 2ClearSilkRebecca Gelber, MD
2021-04-15ClearSilk: The Most Versatile Tool in Your Toolbox - Part 1ClearSilkRebecca Gelber, MD
2021-03-25The Evolution of Technology: HALO ResurfacingHALO, BBL, ResurfacingMartin Braun, MD
2021-03-17Why Your Patients Need Sciton Erbium ResurfacingResurfacingArisa Ortiz, MD
2021-01-28ClearSilk RoundtableClearSilkTamra Schue, DNP, FNP-C
2021-01-27Smart Business Tips for Purchasing & Positioning Energy-based TechnologyOtherMatt Taranto
2020-12-16Conquer Scars with the Sciton Joule PlatformScarringAntonio Campo, MD
2020-12-10Tips, Tricks & Pearls when treating Skin of ColorSkin of ColorErin Blackwell
Asif Hussein, MD
Sherrif Ibrahim, MD
2020-12-09MOXI - A New Technology To Unlock The Pre-juvenation MarketMOXIDoug Carrow
2020-12-02BBL Hero: How This Advance in Pulsed Light Can Impact PracticeBBL HEROJason Pozner, MD
Sonja Barbarich
2020-11-25How I built a thriving practice w/ Sciton Erbium ResurfacingResurfacingAsif Hussein, MD
2020-11-19A Corrective Solution for Aging Skin with HALOHALOKian Karimi, MD
2020-11-18Advances in Long Pulse Nd: YAG for Vascular TreatmentsNd: YAGAntonio Campo, MD
2020-11-05Prevent, Maintain and Renew with MoxiMoxiErin Blackwell, LP & Jessica Chaney, Spa Director
2020-06-03How to Maximize the Use of Sciton's Online ToolsMarketingJonelle Shuffler, Manager of Strategic Initiatives & Practice Development
2020-06-02Maximizing BBL SkinTyte Treatment Technique for Optimal OutcomesBBL & SkinTyteMarc Salzman, MD
2020-05-27Submental Sculpting with ALLURA™AlluraChad Deal, MD
2020-05-22Mindful Marketing 101 - A Marketing Recovery PlanMarketingMedical Marketing Whiz
2020-05-20HALO®: An Effective Treatment for Laxity in Periorbital Skin (HALO Eyes)HALORebecca Gelber, MD
2020-05-15Mindful Marketing 101 - Social Media Marketing for Women's Health and AestheticsMarketingMedical Marketing Whiz
2020-05-12Change Your Game: Resurfacing Skin of Color with Sciton Er:YAGResurfacingAsif Hussein, MD
2020-05-11Reopening Our Practice - How We Did itOperationsRocco Piazza, MD and Marcelo Antunes, MD
2020-05-08Mindful Marketing 101 - Tips for WebinarsMarketingMedical Marketing Whiz
2020-05-07Post COVID-19 Pandemic and How to Emerge StrongerOperationsMelissa Levin, MD
2020-05-06Post-Laser Care: Keeping Patients Happy Means Keeping Patients!Post-Laser CareCheryl Staurowsky, LE
2020-04-30Our New "Normal" - The Aesthetics Industry Post COVID-19OperationsJulius Few, MD
2020-04-28HALO®: An Effective Option for the Treatment of Acne ScarsHALOSherrif F. Ibrahim, M.D &
Erin McLean-Blackwell
2020-04-24How I Paid Off My Laser In Less Than 6 MonthsJOULERebecca Gelber, MD
2020-04-23Maintaining A Strong Brand As We Transition Through This Economic ShiftOtherPaul Nassif, MD
2020-04-22HALO®: An Effective Treatment for Skin Conditions in Fitzpatrick IV – VI PatientsHALOErin Hennessey, DNP, FNP-C
2020-04-16How to Survive Thrive during the COVID-19 crisisOperationsMatt Taranto
2020-04-16Engaging Education – Stay in Touch with Your Patients and ProspectsOperationsFrancis X. Acunzo
2020-04-15Helping Physicians Navigate CARESOtherMDMA
2020-04-09Preparing For The Future Of Aesthetic MedicineBBL & ClearSuiteAntonio Campo, MD
2020-04-08LaserChat - A Sciton Original Series: Episode 2HALO, BBL, Resurfacing, Surgery, TopicalsJason Pozner, MD and Patrick Bitter Jr., MD
2020-04-07Tips for the Advanced HALO User: Halo Body TreatmentsHALOThomas Griffin, Jr., MD
2020-04-03Top Aesthetic Business FAQs During a CrisisOtherFrancis X. Acunzo
2020-04-02Preparing For The Future Of Aesthetic MedicineOtherJason Pozner, MD
2020-04-01Tips for the Advanced HALO UserHALOThomas Griffin, Jr., MD
2020-03-18LaserChat - A Sciton Original Series: Episode 1
HALO, BBL, Resurfacing, SkincareKathy Taranto and Erin Hennessey, DNP
2020-03-04Sciton Resurfacing- Spanning the Full Range of Indications, Results, (and Downtime) with Tunable Er-YAGResurfacingJoel L. Cohen, MD
2019-11-13How Choosing the Joule™ Platform Impacted Our PracticeJOULEDavid Lieberman, MD & Sachin Parikh, MD
2019-10-23Introducing ClearV™ - A new solution to treat the veins you can and can't seeClearVDoug Carrow
2019-10-16Resurfacing Perfected with Joule X™ResurfacingSherrif F. Ibrahim, MD
2019-10-09The Next Frontier for Beautiful Skin: How to Get That HALO™ Glow Off FaceHALOAndrew Campbell, MD
2019-08-06How To Leverage Popular Applications To Grow Your PracticeHALO & BBLKathy Taranto
2019-07-25Success in a Small Town - Altaire shares how JOULE™ has helped them flourishJOULETamra Schue, DNP, FNP-C
2019-07-09BBL & ClearSilk – Winning Combination for Treating RosaceaBBL & ClearSilkAntonio Campo, MD
2019-04-16Tips to Effectively Implement and Market Your New Aesthetic TechnologyMarketingFrancis X. Acunzo
2019-03-20Sciton Laser-Chat: How Sciton brought me into AestheticsCustomer StoriesEmily Porter, MD
2018-12-18Mastering HALO + BBL Combination TreatmentsHALO + BBL ComboAntonio Campo-Voegeli, MD
2018-11-01An Approach to Deep ResurfacingResurfacingAdam Scheiner, MD
2018-08-14Why I Chose Sciton and HALO to Grow My PracticeHALOThomas Griffin Jr., MD
2018-03-07How to Market Lasers to Millennials: What They Want & How to Reach ThemMarketingPeyton Pritikin
2017-11-30Treat your patients’ acne with the speed of light!BBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2017-09-26Driving Profitability in your Med SpaOtherAndy Guth
2017-06-06Halo & BBL – The Dynamic Duo for Optimal Patient ResultsHALO & BBL ComboDr. Arisa Ortiz
2017-03-09Learn How to Use Social Media to Maximize Revenue Growth in Your PracticeMarketingWendy Lewis
2017-02-23Public Relations in the Aesthetic Environment and How to Maximize your PR FootprintMarketingMelissa Ben-Yoseph
2016-12-21Next Generation HALO™ Treatment Approach: The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Treatment Techniques and New ProtocolsHALOChris W. Robb, MD, PhD
2016-12-14Get the Halo™ GROW: How to Drive Record Profit Levels with Hybrid Fractional Technology™HALOElizabeth Hagberg, MD
2016-11-10The IRS Section 179 deduction presented by Tim MorrisOtherTim Morris
2016-08-25Ethnic Skin & ResurfacingResurfacingDr. Jaggi Rao
2016-07-15Forever Clear BBLBBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2016-05-11Turbocharging the HALO Glow: How to Achieve Unprecedented Results by Treating with Halo™ and BBL™ in the Same SessionHALO & BBL ComboDr. Elizabeth B. Hagberg, MD
2015-09-21Utilizing Halo™, BBL™ and SkinTyte II™ for Unparalleled Skin Rejuvenation and ROIHALO & BBL ComboChris Robb, MD PhD, FAAD and Matt Taranto, CLT
2014-09-18Submental Laser Lipolysis and Body Contouring with the JOULE Treatment SuiteOtherDr. Robert Aycock
2014-08-07The Benefits of Good Clinical Photography and How it Will Help Market Your PracticeMarketingRon Scherl
2014-06-25Get the Red Out with ClearSense™OtherDr. Toni Campo
2014-06-03Online Marketing & Public Relations will Grow your PracticeMarketingLouis Silberman
2014-04-29Introducing Sciton's Newest Technology Halo - The World's First and Only Hybrid Fractional LaserHALOChris W. Robb MD PhD FAAD
2014-02-26Sciton Laser Resurfacing with the Single Spot Handpiece for Dermatological Conditions ResurfacingDr. Sherrif Ibrahim
2014-01-24Learn About Sciton's New ProFractional III and ZoomScan HandpiecesResurfacingJason Pozner, MD
2013-11-07Introducing Forever Bare BBL – The most comfortable and safest hair removal treatment availableBBLDr. Elizabeth B. Hagberg, MD
2013-11-06Leveraging Sciton's public relations efforts with Hollywood Branded, Inc.MarketingStacy Jones
2013-10-24Treatment of Vascular Lesions with BBL: Why I choose BBL over PDLBBLDr. Antonio Campo
2013-07-09Aesthetic Practice Phone Etiquette and Patient Consultation SkillsOtherMatt Taranto, CLT
2013-06-12Tips for Choosing the Right Aesthetic TechnologyOtherPatrick J. Clark, CMLSO
2013-05-08Leveraging Social Media & Online Marketing to Increase Patient TrafficMarketingFrancis X. Acunzo
2013-04-18CelluSmooth™ | A Breakthrough in Body Contouring...OtherMarc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
2013-03-15BBL vs. Pulsed Dye - Higher Versatility, Better Outcomes and Less CostBBLAntonio Campo, MD
2013-02-08"Tyte & Bryte": Combination Therapy of SkinTyte II & BroadBand Light (BBL)BBLStanley J. Kovak, MD
2012-11-15Long Term Evaluation of the Anti-Aging Effects of BroadBand Light TherapyBBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2012-10-16Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis with Sciton’s Dual-Wavelength Laser DeviceOtherDavid Nielson, MD, FACS
2012-09-26Marketing and Comprehensive Vein and Vascular Intervention Techniques with the Sciton LaserMarketingRon Kolegraff, MD, FACS, RVT
2012-09-10Results of Improved Submentum and Skin Laxity with the Sciton Laser TechnologyOtherMacrene Alexiades-Armenakas, M.D., Ph.D.
2012-08-08How to Safely and Effectively Address Dermatologic and Cosmetic Conditions Using the Sciton Erbium LaserOtherHayes Gladstone, MD
2012-06-14Effective Marketing and Consultation Techniques for Your PracticeMarketingLarry Helwig
2012-05-03Multi-faceted Treatments with BBLBBLAntonio Campo Voegeli, MD
2012-04-25How to Effectively Manage MelasmaOtherJaggi Rao, MD
2012-01-10Effective Strategies for Creating an Amazing Referral Base and Retaining Patients for LifeOtherElizabeth Brauer Hagberg, MD
2011-11-07ClearSense Frequently Asked Questions with focus on the ClearToe and Wart Indications (For Non-U.S. Customers)OtherThomas Bembynista DPM, FAAP
2011-10-25Introducing the New SkinTyte II: Fast, Safe and Effective Skin Firming for all Skin TypesBBLJody Levine, MD
2011-10-12The Versatility of Sciton Contour TRL™ResurfacingStanley J. Kovak, MD
2011-08-26Introducing the Sciton ClearSense Accessory featuring the ClearToe treatment for Onychomycosis (For Non-U.S. Customers) OtherJill Waibel, MD
2011-07-27Desde Platform a Joule - Seis anos con laserOtherGonzalo Pantoja, MD
2011-07-06How to Exceed your Patients’ Expectations – New Advances with Sciton’s Combination TherapiesComboSvenja Giessler, MD
2011-06-15The Versatility of Sciton's Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) and Maximizing the Capabilities of JOULEResurfacingJason Pozner, MD FACS
2011-05-31The Optimum Use of ClearScan 1064nm for Vascular Lesions, Hair Reduction and Non-Ablative RejuvenationOtherAshraf Badawi, MD
2011-05-10Effective and Comfortable Hair Removal with ClearScan ALXOtherJames P. Worrell, MD
2011-04-27Improve Submental Contours and Skin Laxity with Sciton Laser TechnologyOtherMacrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, Ph.D
2011-04-19Advance Technologies with SkinTyte: Non-Ablative Skin Tightening with BBL SkinTyteBBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2011-04-07A How-To Guide for Deal of the Day WebsitesMarketingMatt Taranto
2011-03-24Venous Insufficiency: Who it Affects, Treatment Options, and EconomicsOtherDoohi Lee, MD
2011-03-10Laser Scar Reduction with Sciton Laser TechnologyOtherJill Waibel, MD
2011-02-16Successfully Erase Lip Lines with Sciton's Resurfacing TechnologyResurfacingRobert Aycock, MD, FACS
2011-01-05Secrets to Success in the New YearOtherMatt Taranto
2010-12-02Understanding Fractional Ablative Resurfacing Principles and PitfallsResurfacingDaniel Cassuto, MD
2010-11-17Keloid Treatment Made Easier - Advances Using the Sciton Laser SystemOtherSumayah Jamal, MD, PhD
2010-11-09Skin Tightening - Inside and OutOtherPatrick McMenamin, MD
2010-10-13Top 10 Holiday Marketing Tips for Cosmetic Laser PracticesMarketingDebra Roberts
2010-10-06 BBL and SkinTyte – The Perfect CombinationBBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2010-09-07Effectively Erase Perioral and Periorbital WrinklesResurfacingJason Pozner, MD, FACS
2010-08-25Art of Combination Treatment with Sciton's JOULE Laser PlatformOtherMercedes Cruz, MD
2010-07-13The Economics of Aesthetic Medicine: A Physician's Perspective on Providing the Best Value for Patients while Maximizing ProfitOtherMarc Salzman, MD
2010-06-22Effective Mitigation of Surgical Scars with Full Field and Fractional Laser TreatmentsOtherDavid J. Rowe, MD
2010-06-10Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation Customized for All AgesOtherKenneth Wang, MD
2010-05-18The ProLift - Advanced Technology and Technique for Achieving Professional Facelift Results With Minimal DowntimeOtherPatrick McMenamin, MD
2010-03-30SkinTyte, Titan + Thermage: Assessing Non-Invasive Skin Tightening OptionsBBLMarie DiLauro, MD
2010-02-03Stubborn Melasma: Deliver outstanding results for this challenging condition!OtherJaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC
2010-01-27One System, Many Solutions in Aesthetic MedicineOtherCharry Chavelas, MD
2009-12-08The Trifecta Combination: Broadband Light, MicroLaserPeel and ProFractional Therapy to Achieve Maximum ResultsBBL & Resurfacing ComboJoseph Greco, MD
2009-11-16New Approach for Fractional Laser Treatment on Darker Skin with ProFractional-XCResurfacingJinda Rojanamatin, MD
2009-11-04Stand Out Above the Crowd with a Local PR CampaignMarketingNancy Trent
2009-10-22Laser Assisted Lipolysis - Hype or Reality?OtherHop Le, MD
2009-09-24Dramatic Body Contouring Results Rewarding Outcomes for Patients and Practices with Sciton ProLipo PLUSOtherDennis Gonyon, MD
2009-09-17New Advances in Combination Skin Rejuvenation and Fractional Laser TreatmentOtherLudger Meyer, MD
2009-09-09Superior Non-Invasive Skin Firming Results Using The Sciton SkinTyte BBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2009-08-19Optimizing Success and Minimizing Complications with Sciton's Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) ResurfacingJay Burns, MD
2009-07-24Aesthetic Practice Profit BuildersOtherFrancis X. Acunzo
2009-06-11Deep Skin Resurfacing with Sciton’s Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) TechnologiesResurfacingTom Roberts, MD
2009-05-20The 4 Focal Points of Aesthetic Business in a Down EconomyOtherMatt Taranto
2009-05-06Conservative Safe and SuccessfulOtherJack Gutman, DO
2009-04-22Optimizing Results with BBL Broadband Light for Phototherapy and Skin FirmingBBLPatrick Bitter, Jr., MD
2009-04-08Fundamentals of Clinical Photography for Aesthetic PracticesOtherBill Witmer, Canfield Scientific
2009-03-25Integrating Non-Invasive Skin Tightening into an Aesthetic PracticeOtherJody Levine, MD
2009-03-18The Clinical Benefits of Coagulation with Fractional Ablation Using Sciton's ProFractional™ XCBBLJason Pozner, MD
2009-01-21Creative Marketing in a Down EconomyMarketingMatt Taranto
2008-12-10Increase Your Practice Revenue in These Challenging Times with Sciton's New ProLipo PLUS™OtherMarc Salzman, MD
2007-04-25The Versatility of Sciton's Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL)and Maximizing the Capabilities of JOULEResurfacingJason Pozner, MD

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