As a Member of the Sciton Success Builder Program, you now have access to experienced third-party professionals to support your practice growth. With the program, you will have a bank account of points that you can use toward fulfilling your practice goals.

Program Overview

Perhaps you want your staff to be better trained to support and promote your services. Or you want more clinical training on the JOULE™ system itself. Maybe you need more effective internet marketing strategies to attract new patients. Or, you may want expert advice on how to structure your business for maximum profitability.

All of this and much more is available through the Sciton Success Builder Program. With your membership, you can use your points for the service combination that will benefit you the most; there are no restrictions as long as it is within your banked point total. Should you want services beyond that allotment, you can contract directly with the individual providers on a fee-based basis with the benefit of preferred “Sciton customer pricing.”

Please see the chart to the right to identify your level of banked points based on your contract.

If you have additional questions, please check with your Sciton Representative for details.