Sciton BBL HERO Challenge

Sciton is dedicated to not only providing best in class technology that provide results that matter to patients, but also to helping our greater community.  As part of this commitment, Sciton is donating to the Make a Wish Foundation to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.


This fun interactive challenge is a way for clinicians to learn about Sciton’s next generation of technology, BBL HERO and share that experience with their colleagues and patients, all while helping to raise awareness and funds for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Clinicians are challenged to put their favorite IPL up against our new BBL HERO, post their results, and issue a challenge for their colleagues to try it for themselves.



Fill out the form above and a Sciton rep will contact you to arrange time to bring by BBL HERO for you to Demo.  On the day of your appointment a Sciton rep will bring the new mJoule for you to try BBL HERO on; the event will be recorded for you to post to social media.

  1. Sign up by filling out the form above and coordinating a date for a Sciton rep to bring BBL HERO by for you to demo.
  2. On your Challenge demo day:
    • Have a patient ready who hasn’t been exposed to sun, and who has sun damage or pigment on their décolleté, arms, back, or legs
    • Sciton will bring the system and everything else you will need
    • Fill out the Challenge form
    • Record the Challenge video
    • Post your video to IG and FB with #BBLheroChallenge (see requirements below)
  3. At the end of our event (10/31/2020) Sciton will donate on your behalf to the Make A Wish foundation.


In your video post you will need to:

  • Accept the BBL HERO Challenge and raise awareness (e.g. “I accepted the BBL HERO Challenge to help raise awareness and funding for the Make A Wish Foundation”)
  • Mention the type of technology you are going head to head with (e.g. “I put my favorite IPL up against the new BBL HERO”)
  • Discuss your initial impressions (e.g. “I was shocked by how fast I could treat a décolleté!”)
  • Challenge others (e.g. “I challenge you to take the BBL HERO Challenge!”)
  • Post your video to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #BBLheroChallenge. This is how we will track how many donations to make and will allow us to repost!

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