Sciton’s Multi-Application PROFILE™ Receives FDA Clearance for Non-Invasive Treatment of Wrinkles

Palo Alto, CA — May 1, 2003 — Sciton’s PROFILE platform, the only configurable aesthetic laser system, can now provide precise treatment of subsurface skin with the addition of a new non-ablative Rejuvenation Module. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared PROFILE for the treatment of periorbital and perioral wrinkles. Previously PROFILE was cleared for use in removing unwanted hair and veins, skin resurfacing, Micro Laser Peel™ treatments, and a variety of other applications. The new Rejuvenation Module stimulates aging skin without creating a wound or any obvious surface damage by warming a precise layer of skin with a scanned 1319-nanometer infra-red laser and simultaneously cooling the surface.


“We are very enthusiastic about the 1319 Rejuvenation Module,” states Robert Weiss, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “We’ve seen excellent results with this wavelength in the past. By combining aggressive cooling and the automated spot placement of a scanner, Sciton has addressed some of the shortcomings of early systems and we expect to see more consistent results. I see good post-procedure responses and my patients feel less discomfort with this new device.” Dr. Weiss presented his experience with the PROFILE Rejuvenation Module at the recent American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery in Anaheim, California.

Daniel K. Negus, PhD., President of Sciton, Inc., explains, “Today’s aging population is striving to live a longer, more quality-filled life – which includes looking and feeling good about themselves. Sciton now offers physicians a product which can address the wide needs of a growing aesthetic marketplace, and with the addition of the Rejuvenation Module, the multi-application PROFILE can do it all!”

The Sciton Profile includes up to four laser Modules in one platform for a large variety of applications including: light, medium, or deep skin peels; computer guided hair removal; elimination of unwanted leg and facial veins; telangiectasia; vascular lesions; flushing; superficial pigmented lesions; and now non-ablative skin therapy, perioral and periorbital wrinkles and photorejuvenation.

Physicians can configure a PROFILE System for their practice with one or more Modules, allowing for the highest financial return, and physicians can add additional Modules to their PROFILE console to suit their practice needs. Dale Koop, Ph.D. Aesthetic General Manager adds, “PROFILE modular technology allows physicians and surgeons to make smaller incremental investments in equipment, while offering a growing number of applications to their patients. The new Rejuvenation Module is one of several planned Modules that will add tremendous value to our customers’ systems.”


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