Sciton Introduces CelluSmooth™ for Fast, Long-Lasting and Effective Treatment of Lumpy and Dimpled Skin

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 5, 2013– Sciton, a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom, modular, multi-application medical laser and light systems for the aesthetic medical market, announces the introduction of CelluSmooth, an innovative laser module with proprietary M3 technology. CelluSmooth provides a minimally invasive treatment for cutting fibrous septae, emulsifying fat, and tightening* the dermis to improve the appearance of lumpy and dimpled skin.

The CelluSmooth procedure is a fast, effective and safe treatment utilizing a proprietary M3 technology that allows the delivery of the 1319 nm laser wavelength in three distinct modes. CelluSmooth’s M3 technology enables physicians to treat the causes of lumpy and dimpled skin on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and other areas of the body in a very short procedure time. “CelluSmooth produces long lasting results that are equivalent to or better than other minimally invasive procedures on the market in one-half or one-third of the time,” says Dr. Marc J. Salzman, a board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Salzman Institute of Cosmetic Surgery in Louisville, Kentucky. “This procedure results in a smoother appearance in troublesome areas such as the thighs and buttocks with minimal bruising and discomfort to our patients. We have very high patient satisfaction with this treatment.”

“Developed in conjunction with a panel of remarkable plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians, CelluSmooth is the newest innovation in Sciton’s long line of laser technologies and represents a significant breakthrough in body contouring,” stated Dan Negus, PhD, President of Sciton. “It represents yet another step in our long commitment to our customers and their patients to continuously improve and introduce clinically safe and effective devices with no technically unnecessary consumables,” continued Dr. Negus.

CelluSmooth is available on the JOULE platform which offers multiple modules to treat many other indications, such as acne, permanent hair reduction, pigmented lesions, scar revision, skin texture improvement, and vascular lesions. This, combined with Sciton’s “no consumables” commitment, means physicians enjoy a maximum return on investment. It is just one of the reasons why Sciton was ranked as the #1 aesthetic laser device manufacturer in the March 2012 Physician Report published by Medical Spa MD ( Readers interested in learning more about CelluSmooth can join a live webinar with Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS on April 17th by registering at To discover more about Sciton and CelluSmooth, please visit

*Through Tissue Coagulation.

ABOUT SCITON: Sciton is committed to providing best-in-class laser and light source solutions for medical professionals who want superior durability, performance and value. Sciton offers superior medical devices for laser-assisted lipolysis, fractional and full-coverage skin resurfacing, superficial and deep skin peeling, hair removal, phototherapy, wrinkle reduction, treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and varicose veins, scar reduction, and acne. For more information, and a complete listing of Sciton systems, visit

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