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Digital Digest Zoom Webinars (recorded 3-18-2020 to present)

A Corrective Solution for Aging Skin with HALO 

  11/19/2020 | Kian Karimi MD, FACS 

Learn fromDr. Kian Karimi as he illustrates what makes HALO so unique and how combining an ablation and a non-ablative wavelength creates a strong synergistic effect, resulting in impressive results for glowing skin. 

  • Topics included:
  • Pre and post care treatment recommendations
  • Patient selection criteria
  • Treatment parameters for optimal results
  • Before and afters that WOW!
  • Combination treatments that maintain long-term results

Prevent, Maintain, & Renew with MOXI 

            11/5/2020 | Erin Blackwell & Jessica Chaney 

Erin Blackwell and Jessica Chaney share how they integrated MOXI treatments at AYA Medical. Their successful marketing and treatment approach have not only generated revenue but happy repeat customers. Topics included: about AYA, why they added MOXI, their marketing and sales approach, case studies, and patient feedback.


How to Maximize the use of Sciton’s online tools (ScitonPro, Scitonstore, and

6/3/2020 | Jonelle Shuffler PDP Manager,, and Scitonstore.come are 24/7 online portals where a treasure chest of marketing gems, archived webinars, and clinical information abound. Jonelle Shuffler, Manager of Practice Development Partners, walks you through the various content tools including a tutorial on customizing editable templates. Join us to get refreshed on all Sciton has to offer in this live webinar.

Maximizing BBL SkinTyte Treatment Technique for Optimal Outcomes

6/2/2020 | Marc Salzman MD

Dr. Marc Salzman shares his clinical pearls and treatment technique to maximize treatment outcomes. He’ll walk through his treatment protocol, review case results and answer your questions live.

Submental Sculpting with ALLURA

5/27/2020 | Chad Deal MD

Body contouring expert Dr. Chad Deal, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, goes LIVE as he takes questions from the audience on his experience with ALLURA for minimally-invasive body contouring. Watch a brief submental sculpting treatment video that outlines his steps from consult, to pre-treatment preparation, in-office treatment, as well as post-care instructions and then learn through live discussion how you can easily integrate this in-demand procedure into your practice.

Mindful Marketing 101 [Part 3]: A Marketing Recovery Plan

5/22/2020 | Lori Werner & Glen Akins

In this training, we unveil a Marketing Recovery Plan that will help you with planning for your re-opening and the new normal.

Topics include:

    • How your practice needs to change to meet the needs and expectations of patients
    • How to welcome patients back
    • Social Media tips to reach your target audience
    • How you can use virtual platforms to keep patients engaged
    • Continuing with Virtual Tools: virtual consultations, virtual events, and webinars
    • Open forum Q&A with our marketing experts

HALO®: An Effective Treatment for Periorbital Skin

5/20/2020 | Dr. Rebecca Gelber

One of the first facial areas to demonstrate aging is periorbital skin, however careful attention to treatment in this area is important. Practitioners and patients alike are eager for a unique treatment that provides impressive results with less pain and overall downtime compared to traditional surgical interventions and fully ablative laser procedures. Join Dr. Rebecca Gelber of Tahoe Aesthetic Medicine as she shares her experience treating periorbital skin with HALO and how it has provided her patients with consistently exceptional results.

Mindful Marketing 101 [Part 2]: Learn How to Book More Virtual Consults During Social Distancing

5/15/2020 | Lori Werner & Glen Akins

In this free training, the experts at Medical Marketing Whiz will show you how to create a social media presence that attracts new patients to your practice. They will also share examples of what other practices are doing and open it up for questions at the end.

Topics include:

    • How social media can lower the cost of patient acquisition
    • The best social media sites to reach patients
    • A formula for success with Facebook
    • The best times to post content

Change Your Game: Resurfacing Skin of Color with Sciton Er:YAG

5/12/2020 | Dr. Asif Hussein

Dr. Asif Hussein, a renowned UK dermatologist, dives deep into resurfacing skin of color with Sciton’s Er:YAG and the Resurfacing Perfected Suite. He presents the details of over 30 cases from A to Z including treatment planning, specific settings, treatment videos, post care regimens, guarding against and resolving potential complications, as well as detailed healing diaries.

    • Sciton Resurfacing allows for the precise tunability that ensures each patient can get exact treatment
    • Pertinent details for skin of color – pre and post
    • Resurfacing treatments range from weekend peels and touch-ups, to the life changing results of acne scar revision, benign lesion removal, and single treatment deep resurfacing

Reopening Our Practice – How We Did it

5/11/2020 | Dr. Rocco Piazza & Dr. Marcel Antunes

Our engaging presenters are dialed in to share with you how they went from planning their reopening to what it looks like after. They discuss the in’s and out’s of the actual phases of bringing back elective procedures including injectables, BBL and HALO as well as other surgical procedures. Hear the perspectives of their team, the services they perform, and patient experience. They provide a business snapshot of how they were performing with their JOULE platform prior to COVID-19, the pulse and climate today, and time-tested outlook for what the future holds for their practice.

    • Practice run prior to soft opening with staff roles
    • Researched best practices & guidance from national, state, and professional organizations, past mentors to create policies
    • Kept in communication with patients through social media and handwritten notes from Dr. Piazza and Dr. Antunes

Mindful Marketing 101 [Part 1]

5/8/2020 | Lori Werner & Glen Akins

Experts at Medical Marketing Whiz, Lori Werner and Glen Akins take a deep dive into how to host evergreen webinars to attract more patients for your services.

Topics include:

    • What is an evergreen webinar?
    • What are the best topics for a webinar?
    • What do you need to record a webinar?
    • What is a sales funnel?

Post Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Emerge Stronger

5/7/2020 | Melissa Levin MD

With hopes of business doors opening, everyone is wondering WHAT NOW? Dr. Levin a Manhattan based Dermatologist, gives us a look into how she plans to revive her practice, support her patients, and emerge stronger post COVID. With insight from China she intuitively adjusts her day-to-day to keep everyone safe. Join us to hear how!

    • Dr. Levin’s knowledge of infectious disease helped craft policies 1 month prior to closing
    • Importance of Readjust and Recover Pillars
    • Be authentic and mindful to preserve image /brand

Successful Post-Laser Care: Keeping Patients Happy Means Keeping Patients!

5/6/2020 | Cheryl Staurowsky, L.E.

Proper prior planning of perfect Post Care prevents perturbed patients! Join us for a deep dive into how Cheryl Staurowsky of Sanctuary Medical Center (Dr Jason Pozner) manages laser post care for optimal recovery. Get details ranging from the ideal execution of deep resurfacing to identifying complications early. Finally convert the painful handholding into a lifelong profit with pearls from Sanctuary’s winning formula.

    • Cheryl stresses that follow up routinely and consistently to prevent post care flare-ups
    • She goes over every suggested post care agent and their use purpose
    • Dedicated follow up promotes cross marketing with other practice offerings – building trust and satisfaction

Our New “Normal” – The Aesthetics Industry Post COVID – 19

4/30/2020 | Julius Few MD

Internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Julius Few looks into the future of Aesthetics. Hear how Dr. Few’s Chicago based practice plans to address patients’ needs post COVID-19 and which treatments will help patients emerge from the “COVID cloud”.

    • Created innovated protocols and techniques for ethnic skin – peer reviewed and adopted worldwide
    • Practical strategies for managing flow of patient experience that mitigate risk including screening and 15 minute buffers in scheduling
    • Team approach for patient centric personalized care – uses 360 evaluation process

LaserChat – A Sciton Original Series: Episode 3

4/29/2020 | A. Jay Burns MD & Jill Waibel MD

Episode #3 of LaserChat, doctors A. Jay Burns and Jill Waibel review 4 condition challenging treatment protocols that give a unique perspective from a plastic surgeon view and a dermatologist view. They explore options such as subcision, injectables, ProFractional, deep resurfacing, and surgical procedures for an acne scar patient, an aging facial patient, breast augmentation scars, and lower face laxity, large pores with rolling and boxcar scars, and lip lines.

    • Combination of therapies produce synergistic results – one example is ProFractional and Sculptra stimulates a global response to the treated area , another, 1470 from HALO has effect on hemosiderin in a red brown scar
    • Scarring includes patient’s inherent healing response
    • Resurfacing renaissance for lip lines and dynamic wrinkles- discussion of island technique

HALO®: An Effective Option for the Treatment of Acne Scars

4/28/2020 | Dr. Sherrif F. Ibrahim & Erin McLean-Blackwell

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, M.D., Ph.D. and Erin McLean-Blackwell, licensed esthetician and licensed laser practitioner share protocols and treatment tips for an in-depth panel discussion on the treatment of acne scars using HALO.

    • Consultation – setting stage for realistic journey – one that requires commitment for dramatic improvement
    • 1470 nm, the right wavelength that is tunable to reach acne scaring – starts “collagen machinery”
    • Putting together reopening strategies for seeing patients safely

How I Paid Off My Laser In Less Than 6 Months

4/24/2020 | Dr. Rebecca Gelber

Dr. Gelber shares her 5 steps to success to help you hit the ground running when you re-open your doors in this pre-recorded webinar. In addition, she also reports on her latest Sciton modality: ClearSilkTM.

    • Leverage your assets to get from point A to B, like chart racks, focus on services that patients want – skin improvement, not just fillers or neurotoxins
    • Learn how combination treatments can be synergistic ClearSilk and BBL
    • Deliver consistency and patient experience for long term loyalty to your brand

Maintaining a Strong Brand as We Transition Through This Economic Shift

4/23/2020 | Paul Nassif MD

Dr. Paul Nassif from the TV show ‘Botched’ share his story of how he grew his brand through laser integration. He went from laser skeptic to laser lover as his Laser Nurse, Laura Fischer MSN, FNP-C maximizes patient’s results.

    • “If you are only going to get one laser – you need to get a Sciton”
    • Have a plan that compliments your brand strength: be a specialist in surgery & skincare
    • Re-engagement: don’t push, give educational messaging, & have opening protocols ready

HALO®: An Effective Treatment for Skin Conditions in Fitzpatrick IV – VI Patients

4/22/2020 | Erin Hennessey

Erin Hennessey, DNP, FNP-C an experienced HALO user, presents proven, result-based treatment protocols and techniques for treating Fitzpatrick skin types IV – VI. She provides practical advice for the challenges in this group with live case study review.

    • Pearls and pitfalls treating hyperpigmentation, dyschromia, actinic keratoses, acne, and other skin conditions
    • Shares Pre and Post Care instructions for exceptional results
    • Gives tips on reopening practice post virus

How to Survive, no, Thrive during the COVID-19 crisis 

4/16/2020 | Matt Taranto

Matt Taranto of MINT Aesthetics joins us for a live discussion on how to navigate rapid change during these uncertain times and turn obstacles into opportunities. He will also share best business practices, the importance of strengthening relationships to build lifetime clients as well as using multiple modalities to achieve superior results with the JOULE™X expandable platform.

    • Resources and applying for SBA – 2.5K times your monthly payroll – loan at first – can turn into grant if done proper
    • Stay relevant & reach out to community, use SM to show what you are doing to support one another
    • Quarantine Facial video – a real hit to stay in place audience who misses their facials – in 72 hours reached 6K and growing


Engaging Education – Stay in Touch with Your Patients and Prospects

4/16/2020 | Francis X. Acunzo

Right now, your patients are where we all are, WFH (working-from-home), in front of screens. You need to use this time to build virtual connections and educate your prospective and current patients on the services you offer. During this webinar, Francis X. Acunzo, owner of Acara Partners and chairman of the Aesthetic Business Institute will review how to virtually stay in touch with your patients.

    • Support, educate, connect
    • HIPAA compliant telemedicine software
    • Manage scheduling

Helping Physicians Navigate CARES

4/15/2020 | Aaron Burton & Mark Leahey

Industry efforts to confront and address the COVID-19 pandemic with Mark Leahey, President & CEO, Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) and Aaron Burton, CEO, Sciton.

HALO® Body Treatments

4/7/2020 | Dr. Thomas Griffin, Jr.

The face is much more tolerant of higher energy, and requires less healing time. The skin on the body has less sebaceous glans, and is less tolerant of higher energy. Skin on the body requires longer healing time. Adjusting densities is key based on skin type and location in order to maximize J/cm2 within safety parameters and patient healing desires.

    • There is no “one size fits all” approach to a good Halo treatment
    • Everyone’s skin is different and their needs are different
    • The brilliance of Halo is that it allows us to direct our setting to target this pathology

Top Aesthetic Business FAQs During a Crisis

4/3/2020 | Francis X. Acunzo

Francis X. Acunzo answers your questions amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Acunzo has personally experienced running numerous aesthetic practices during recessionary periods, and specifically, led the charge of turning around 25+ locations through the 2008 recession.

    • SBA Disaster Relief Options
    • Operational Strategies & Tactics
    • Tips & Tricks to stay engaged with your patients

LaserChat – A Sciton Original Series: Episode 2

4/8/2020 | Jason Pozner MD & Patrick Bitter, Jr. MD

Episode #2 of LaserChat, doctors Jason Pozner and Patrick Bitter Jr. explore 4 case studies, share their treatment protocols and address a range of challenging skin conditions.

    • Learn how to utilize an arsenal of tools, from mild to aggressive combination and staging therapy
    • Small steps forward for skin type IV and ethnic patients avoiding PIH
    • Satisfying results for high expectation patients

HALO® Advanced Settings Webinar

4/1/2020 | Dr. Thomas Griffin, Jr.

Dr. Griffin, Jr. hosts a live discussion on HALO body techniques and considerations in order to maximize results while minimizing adverse outcomes.

    • More customers are seeking HALO body treatments for laxity and pigmentation
    • Discussion of settings for best outcomes
    • Adding Halo Body treatments to menu of services increases practice revenue

LaserChat – A Sciton Original Series: Episode 1

3/18/2020 | Kathy Taranto, CMLI, CMLT & Erin Hennessey, DNP, FNP-C

LaserChat unveils Episode #1 with hosts Kathy Taranto, CMLI, CMLT, and Erin Hennessey, DNP, FNP-C presenting therapy results for common skin concerns in four case studies from acne to age spots.

    • Experienced protocol and regimes using BBL, ProFractional, HALO, and medical-grade skincare
    • They weigh in and discuss energy settings and techniques
    • Importance of pre and post skincare regimes