Before and After Submission Forms

Clinical Photo Purchase Guidelines

Sciton encourages all customers to submit clinical (before & after) photos of patients who benefited from treatment with a Sciton product. If a review of the photos determines that they will be purchased, Sciton will pay $750 per patient treatment result (at least one set of before & after photos). The following is intended to provide a summary of the guidelines that Sciton uses when evaluating before and after photos for purchase. Sciton will be more likely to use photos if they display the elements described below.

General Photo Criteria

In addition to showing a noticeable clinical result:

  1. Before and after photo should be consistent with each other in all elements that make a good photo:
    1. Lighting (background and subject)
    2. Distance of subject from camera
    3. Focus
    4. Backdrop
    5. Positioning (e.g., the subject’s head is tilted to bring a facial area into better view, the head should be titled by the same angle in both photos)
  2. Subject appearance in the following respects should be consistent between the before and after photo:
    1. Jewelry – Jewelry can be distracting, so it is preferred that it is subtle or not worn.
    2. Hair – For facial treatments, it is preferred to have the hair pulled back
    3. Makeup – It is required that no makeup is worn in the before or after photos
    4. Photos should be crisp and in high resolution JPEG or TIFF format.

Minimum file size guidelines:

Camera Megapixels Pixel Dimensions Raw Size Print Dimensions (300 dpi)
2.0mp 1800 x 1200 6.0 MB 6” x 4”


Required Photo Release Form and Procedure Information

In addition to sufficient photo quality as described above, the following must be provided before the photos can be purchased:

  1. Signed “Patient Photo Release Form” from the subject. Please note that both pages 1 & 2 of the Patient Photo Release Form must be completed and attached in order to be considered for approval. Click here to Download the Photo Release Form.
  2. Sufficient description of treatment (# of treatments at the stage of the photo, the product used (e.g.,ProFractional-XC), applicable parameters/settings used at each treatment (e.g., depth of ablation % coverage).

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